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BIOPIX-T launches"PEBBLE"portable molecular diagnostic device and COVID19 test for the point-of-care

BIOPIX-T announced that the portable molecular diagnostic platform "PEBBLE" as well as the compatible diagnostic test for coronavirus, are now commercially available! The "PEBBLE qcLAMP Platform", the first Greek portable molecular diagnostic device based on LAMP (Isothermal PCR) technology which can be used at the point of care (Point-of-Care), is notified to the EOF (Greek National Organization for Medicines), based on the European Directive 98/79 IVDD and respectively notified to the EU Member States. In addition, the corresponding diagnostic kit which is to be used together with the diagnostic instrument, for the detection of the new Coronavirus, called “COV19 qcLAMP kit“, has been registered with the EOF.

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